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VETT showcased at Reading Geek Night and All of A Twist exhibition

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Reading Geek Night is a monthly gathering and networking event where invited speakers showcase the latest scientific and technical innovations. VETT was presented as a candidate solution for the hydro-electric scheme under development at Caversham Weir which is being spear-headed by Reading Hydro, a community benefit society. The talk ‘Hydro choices –deciding on the technology for Reading’s hydro future’ was presented by Sophie Fenwick-Paul to a captive audience and the option of a low-cost, efficient hydropower solution generated much excitement.

Credit: Simon Morris

VETT technology was also selected to take part in the All of A Twist exhibition which was being run by the local charity RG Spaces at the Turbine House, Blake’s Lock (part of the Riverside Museum). This was an excellent opportunity to feature a modern system within a historic hydropower asset and promote the technology and it benefits with the local community. Visitors were able to interact with the 3D VETT model on display to understand the configuration of the device and flow pathways. The exhibition was run in parallel with this year’s national Heritage Open Days and the new Reading-on-Thames Festival. 

Credit: RG Spaces

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