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Environment Agency visits Eaton Socon hydro scheme

With the civils works phase almost complete on VerdErg’s first commercial project, VerdErg was pleased to showcase progress of the build to the Environment Agency’s (EA) local fisheries officers and national permitting team. This site visit formed part of the permitting team’s tour of local water resources to better understand how licence applications relate to water resource abstractions and developments.

VerdErg with the EA’s local fisheries officers and national permitting team

After brief on VETT technology and its applications, VerdErg presented an overview of the design approach of the scheme highlighting how the VETT infrastructure was designed to incorporate fish passage, manage river levels in line with the EA’s navigational and flood monitoring requirements and preserve the natural amenity of the site. VerdErg has been working closely with the fisheries team working throughout the river Great Ouse catchment and Fenland area in ensuring that the licence conditions are met throughout all phases of the build and beyond.

As VETT is relatively new to the UK’s low-head hydropower market, this site visit was an excellent opportunity to present a working project to the EA which in turn would enhance understanding of VETT technology, facilitate the determination of future abstraction licences applications and exchange ideas and feedback.

The build is due to finish this summer and we plan to arrange more project outreach and engagement events going forward.

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