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Eaton Socon Hydro Scheme - Landscaping Works

In preparation for the summer months, landscaping works have begun at VerdErg's Eaton Socon low-head hydro installation, located at the historic Grade II-listed River Mill pub and marina on the river Great Ouse.

The pub is powered by the 24 kW VerdErg VETT, small-scale hydropower technology which is ideal for historic sites due to its minimal environmental impact. The powerful, fish-friendly design emits no noise and importantly no visible above ground turbine house is required.

To get even more attractive seating at the pub, a section of the embankment in the mill pond was supported with timber sleepers to reinstate the steeper bank profile. This allowed for a level area to be created at the top of the bank, which is now used for tables and benches for the pub patrons.

The small-scale VETT, completely concealed under the pub's decking, provides electricity to the River Mill pub with excess exported to the grid. It reduces CO2 emissions by 50t per year and generates enough electricity to power 32 homes.

The results are stunning and create a great view over the mill pond and the hydro’s outfall.

Let’s hope things return to normal soon so the River Mill pub can re-open and make use of this space.

Until then, stay safe everyone!

Click through the slideshow below to see some before and after photographs of the landscaping works. For more about our Eaton Socon low head hydro installation, click here.

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