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First commercial VETT project awarded abstraction licence and planning permission

VerdErg Renewable Energy is pleased to announce that the first VETT hydro scheme will go ahead at a site in Cambridgeshire. The project, exploiting the low-head power potential from a former mill site, will be the first commercially operating site to showcase VETT in a river environment. 

An abstraction licence from the Environment Agency and planning permission from the Local Authority has been awarded in recognition of the scheme’s low environmental impact, reinstatement of the mill’s historic use and preservation of its heritage character and contribution to the local plan’s low carbon agenda. This project will not only pave the way for future schemes, but VETT’s proven safe fish passage will support the fisheries initiatives underway and improve eel passage in the catchment.

Detailed design and procurement is underway with construction scheduled to start in the new year. Please check back soon for more announcements.

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