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Whether you are at the early stages of a project or have already completed substantial work on a project, below you'll find a range of services where we can help you to realise your or your client's hydropower ambitions. 

Verderg Renewable Energy is flexible in our approach. We work together with landowners, developers, investors, communities, utilities and authorities.

We are always on the lookout to expand our supply chain. If you are a turbine, generator or control equipment supplier we are keen to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.


A pre-feasibility study can be conducted quickly and at low cost to provide initial information. They provide a basic power estimate for a VETT at your site and give indicative figures for predicted project costs and revenue.

It is a very useful first assessment to understand whether a project has potential.


A full feasibility study is a thorough study intended to provide all the necessary information to allow you to make an informed decision about your potential project.

This study covers all aspects of a project including:

  • full hydrology assessment

  • environmental survey

  • detailed financial analysis. 

Following a visit to the site, our engineers will provide a plan and description of any proposed layouts considering how existing structures can be incorporated into the design. 


Finally, we will issue guidance on the licensing process, give a recommendation regarding project success and provide advice on how to progress to the next phase.


VerdErg Renewable Energy can provide ​support and assistance for outline designs as well as the licensing process itself.

We can also work together with a civil designer to ensure outline designs are correctly translated and the VETT system is well integrated into the civil infrastructure created.


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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