Easily scalable and with minimal ecological impact, VETT can operate in a range of low pressure run-of-river or tidal sites.


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The Standard VETT is VerdErg's original hydropower solution. It can be installed in an open concrete tank for systems above 30 kW to 1MW+.


It targets run-of-river projects but can be placed in any low-pressure water course, such as waste water outfalls or water treatment plants.


Each system is individually scalable to cover installed capacities from 20 to 180kW and multiple units are installed in parallel to cover larger projects. The system can be grid connected, power mini grids or used off-grid.

A VETT turbine during installation at Ea

A Standard VETT turbine during installation at Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, UK.


VETT-in-a-Box brings electricity to the most remote, off-grid locations worldwide and has the potential to replace hundreds of diesel-powered generators.


It is a 'plug & play' solution that arranges an entire mini system in a portable, easy to install, container-based arrangement that is manufactured off-site. This includes a 2-30 kW power cabinet for direct electricity consumption or connection to a local mini grid. It is installable in a stretch of flowing water using flow rates of 200-750 l/s and a head drop of only 2m, integrated directly into or adjacent to a water course.


It is ideal for smaller or remote run-of-river projects, as well as waste water outfalls or pressure reduction points. Temporary setup only is also feasible, making it suitable for disaster relief responses.


The “H-Flow” bi-directional tidal VETT is a low-head tidal range solution able to generate electric power for direct consumers, localised mini grids or for the National Grid. It can either be installed as a section in a tidal lagoon or across an estuary.


Due to the intelligent use of venturi to amplify pressure for a turbine, a VETT tidal scheme is significantly smaller and more economical than competing technologies available on the market.


It is designed to exploit a lower head over a longer period of time, an environmentally-friendly ethos which preserves the natural tidal signal in the waterway and minimises ecological impact.

VRE205 CFD image 3.png

Image of the Bi-Directional Tidal VETT


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