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VETT’s fish trials presented by Fishtek Consulting at IFM Renewable Energy & Fisheries conference

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The results of VerdErg’s latest fish trials conducted last year on the Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) were presented at the Institute of Fisheries Management "Renewable Energy and Fisheries – Plugging The Gaps” conference which was held this year in Newport, Wales. The event brought together industry developers and suppliers, consultants, researchers and regulators working in assessing the impact of the installation and operation of hydropower systems on fisheries and the aquatic environment.

Helen Rossall, Fisheries Scientist at Fishtek Consulting Ltd who led the fish assessment, data analysis and reporting of the fish testing programme last year presented the project to a captive audience showcasing the test set up at HR Wallingford, parameters and test conditions and results of fish survivability through VETT. It was a great opportunity to engage with the fisheries community and learn and exchange views on environmental research and best practice for hydropower schemes.

We have entered a new era of energy and with the abundant tidal resource surrounding our shores, marine technologies can vastly contribute to the UK’s cleantech ambitions. However, it is important to deliver these schemes understanding the nature and needs of the aquatic environment and species that reside in them and are reliant on them. The success of the fish trials demonstrates that VETT achieves this and we look to take this forward from our river schemes already underway to developing tidal projects in the future.

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