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VETT approved by Environment Agency for run-of-river hydropower schemes!

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

VerdErg is delighted to announce that Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) has been approved by the Environment Agency to be installed in run-of-river hydro settings. The timing could not be better as due to the economical pressure on low-head hydro schemes, the interest in a low cost VETT solution has significantly increased over the past months. Several VETT projects have already been lined up and pursued in parallel to the general technological approval process which should ease the way to the first VETT installations.

This approval has been the culmination of intensive work including numerical models, desk based research in aquatic ecology and fisheries science, statistical studies, environmental risk assessments and two extensive live fish trials in the UK and The Netherlands to prove and validate the safe passage of fish through VETT. Our consultants VisAdvies and Fishtek Consulting Ltd played a vital role in this journey.

Engagement with the Environment Agency has been throughout to ensure the assessment and testing approach is in line with regulatory guidance. The process was not always easy and VerdErg appreciates the support and guidance received from the EA throughout this approval process.

VerdErg now looks forward to pursuing commercial projects, deploying VETT in run-of-rivers schemes across the country and setting up the technology for its move into the tidal sector.

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