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VerdErg presents hydropower session at InFoMM CDT industry day

The Centre of Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM) at the University of Oxford has a strong focus in the real-world application of mathematics. As an industry sponsor of programme, VerdErg was invited to provide an overview session of the hydropower sector to the latest cohort of doctoral students. This overview provides an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of day-to-day company activities whilst presenting the major challenges the industry faces, such as IP protection and the adoption of new technologies into the marketplace. Students were also given a flavour of how mathematical modelling and problem-solving is used in industry.

After a brief introduction into the hydropower industry, VerdErg and VETT technology, students were split into groups and appointed different technical challenges to tackle, prompting collaborative working and the exchange of ideas and approaches. Tasks included: performing a financial evaluation of two prospective sites, an assessment of turbine scaling and an estimation of possible effects tidal power generation may have on the rotation of the earth.

The overview session concluded with group presentations and discussion on each of the challenges. The students were able to demonstrate the development of ideas and the adoption of theory outside their normal fields of expertise.

VerdErg are pleased to have contributed to the InFoMM programme for the latest cohort of students; it is evident that this industry engagement mechanism not only benefits the students and enables them to apply their skills, but provides companies a fresh perspective on the challenges they face in the marketplace today.

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