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VerdErg hosts VETT fish testing demonstration day at HR Wallingford

VerdErg Renewable Energy has undertaken further live fish trials to ascertain if fish can pass safely through Venturi Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT). After the outstanding results from the first phase of fish trials, the scope of these tests was to review the safe operating limit of VETT while testing at higher operating heads (pressure) of up to 3.5m. Special focus was given to the survivability of fish which are depth acclimatised, post-passage swim behaviour and fish species not previously tested (swim bladder sensitive physoclistic species). The tests were conducted in collaboration with Fishtek Consulting who brought their experience in fish husbandry and hydropower impact analysis to the project.

Coaxial VETT test rig set up in HR Wallingford's Froude Modelling Hall

Downstream' view of Coaxial VETT

To showcase the work to date, VerdErg hosted a demonstration day in February 2016 in HR Wallingford’s Froude Modelling Hall where the full scale fully instrumented Coaxial VETT had been commissioned. Representatives from the UK’s environmental regulators, fellow R&D collaborators and potential clients all attended the demonstration day and had the opportunity to witness the safe passage of fish through VETT.

Test fish in the acclimatisation tank being depth acclimatised

Evidence of fish shoaling post VETT passage

The results from this testing programme will be used to form environmental VETT design criteria for future VETT schemes. A project page will be launched with more details on this testing programme – don’t forget to check back soon!

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