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VerdErg hosts Coaxial VETT Demonstration Days

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

After a successful hydrodynamic testing programme on its VETT (Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology) in late 2013 [more details here], VerdErg Renewable Energy hosted demonstration days at BHR Group, Cranfield. Potential site-owners, developers, investors and interested parties witnessed VETT producing economic electrical power in a configuration suitable for Run-of-River sites.

The full-scale, fully-instrumented test rig was reconfigured to incorporate a turbine-generator set into the secondary flowpath. First power was generated on 23rd January 2014, a significant milestone in the development of VETT. You can find out more information on the Coaxial VETT here.


"I attended the VerdErg Open Day at Cranfield University on 18th February 2014 and was very interested to see the demonstration of their Venturi-Enhanced Turbine technology (VETT). It seems well suited to low-head hydropower applications and I look forward to seeing developments which may lead to its deployment in marine tidal conditions. I very much enjoyed discussing the details of the design with the engineers and VerdErg’s hospitality was much appreciated.”

Dr Judith Wolff – National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool

"The Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology is a prime example of innovation excellence using everyday materials to generate renewable energy sustainably. It was great to see VETT generating power and appreciate its environmentally considerate attributes which could transform the micro-hydro industry. We look forward to seeing VETT enter the commercial market and contribute to the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy”

Jenni McDonnell – Knowledge Transfer Network.

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