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The basic principles of VETT apply to any location where there is sufficient flow rate and where a low head exists or can be created.

VerdErg is looking to embrace VETT's simple, versatile and scalable design not only for rivers and other onshore locations but also within tidal and wave settings.


Tidal VETT is a patented bi directional VETT uniquely suitable for power generation from tidal flows such as estuaries and tidal channels because of its benign environmental footprint and competitive capital cost.


Due to its ability to cost effectively extract energy from low-head flows a VETT system is substantially different to a conventional tidal installation (like a barrage or lagoon).

VRE205 CFD image 3.png

Conventional tidal schemes require to install infrastructure that can exploit, over a short period of time, the maximum tidal range present in a given location (often 8m and above, especially in the UK).


Due to its ability to amplify a low head for a turbine, a VETT tidal scheme does not require infrastructure of that magnitude.

It is rather designed to exploit a lower head over a longer period of time, which preserves the tidal signal in the landwards lagoon and impacts on flora and fauna are minimised. And safe fish passage through the primary flow remains available as well.

Despite estuaries being identified as a key source of tidal energy within Europe, North America and Asia no recent conventional tidal schemes have gained approval because of cost as well as environmental deficiencies. 


VerdErg has set out to change that and is continuing it's effort for a tidal VETT prototype installation and is thankful for the keen support of various regulators and interest groups, especially Wyre Tidal Energy and Solway Energy Gateway.


In January 2009 Ministers announced the creation of a Cross-Government fund for developing schemes incorporating embryonic technologies which may offer the potential for less impact than conventional technologies on the natural environment of the Severn Estuary. 


In April 2011 VerdErg Renewable Energy was awarded a grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to test a full scale SMEC prototype at the Cowens Ltd facility located at Ellers Mill, Dalston.

VRE205 CFD image 2.jpg

In April 2015, VerdErg was awarded funding by Innovate UK through the Energy Catalyst programme to further explore and evaluate the potential and technical feasibility of VETT for tidal applications.


The Spectral Marine Energy Converter "SMEC" is a patented offshore wave energy version utilising VETT's principles. At this point  it remains a vision for the future whilst VerdErg is focussing on the River and tidal VETT development.


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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