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Global Hydropower Day

Read VerdErg Renewable Energy's feature on Sustainable Hydropower in the International Water Power & Dam Construction magazine for Global Hydropower Day, October 11 2022.

“Sustainable hydropower has an enormous potential worldwide to help solve the current energy crisis and to meet net zero ambitions,” says Lars Boerner, Managing Director of VerdErg Renewable Energy.

“More work needs to be done by the industry working together to attract the attention of governments, investors and the public to hydropower’s benefits and how it can positively contribute to renewable power generation. For example, hydropower has the potential to restore lost natural habitats, regulate river flows and reduce flooding risk. These benefits should be supported by wider promotion and greater understanding, especially considering the growing concerns and recent events from climate change.”

Boerner cites VerdErg Renewable Energy’s standard Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) installation on the river Great Ouse in Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire, UK, as an example of the positive ecological impacts that can be designed into hydropower installations.

Read the full feature here

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