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Gyrerg: Large Scale Energy Storage


Large scale energy storage is a necessary technology for achieving the decarbonisation of the world's energy system. Holding sufficient low carbon energy for long durations is needed to deliver a smart and flexible energy system that can also support heating as well as transport. It will allow the storage of excess renewable electricity for times of high demand with low weather-dependent generation.  



Energy Storage on a Gigawatt-Scale 

Gyrerg is a large scale energy storage technology concept under development by VerdErg Renewable Energy that will generate and store energy on gigawatt-scale.  



Video: Gyrerg offers gigawatt-scale energy storage 


By storing imported wind, tidal or solar energy from nearby projects, together with self-generated wind energy, Gyrerg will allow the UK to generate and store, in UK waters, energy on a mega scale that is predictable, reliable and safe for the environment. It will also allow the National Grid to maximise the efficiency of wind and solar farms by reducing downtime needs due to supply and demand imbalances or network constraints. 


Large scale flywheel in open ocean that stores wind energy for long durations from nearby wind farm
Image: Gyrerg can store energy from neighbouring offshore wind farms 


Large scale flywheel in open ocean with sails, to generate wind energy then store it for long durations
Image: With sails, Gyrerg can generate wind energy as well as storing it


How Does it Work  

Gyrerg is a large floating horizontal flywheel which stores mechanical energy by rotating about its vertical axis. It can be sited offshore or floating in a circular trough of water onshore.  


The energy can be delivered as electricity to the end user or used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis. 


VerdErg Renewable Energy is developing multiple large scale energy technologies, including tidal range and run-of-river low head hydropower, as well as flood mitigation and coastal protection infrastructure. Further information can be found on or by getting in touch.

Contact us for more information:

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Stefan van Erp
Stefan van Erp
Feb 05

Large scale energy storage is indeed an important subject and problem that will need to be solved in order to apply sustainable energy as a reliable power source on a national or even international scale. However, it seems to me that this design lacks focus and is needlessly complex. Issues or "challanges" if you will If it is meant as an inertial battery, one needs to consider the giant amount of friction that the water will still exert on the (concrete?) structure. Even if it is just on the sides. The energy put into the device will likely be lost within a day or less. Adding the wind turbine on top will probably keep it going, but what will the kilometres…

Olivia Roberts
Olivia Roberts
Feb 13
Replying to

Dear Stefan


Thank you for taking the time to comment on our recent blog post on the Gyrerg technology concept. Gyrerg is a big idea with a lot of potential. As with any design in concept stage, there are still challenges to overcome. Assessing their impact is part of establishing the viability of this concept.


We look forward to sharing further technology development news in the future. Visit us again at or please do leave your contact details if you would like to be kept up-to-date.


Kind Regards,



Marketing & Operations Manager

VerdErg Renewable Energy

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