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VerdErg takes part in Careers Taster Day at The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

In July 2016, VerdErg took part in the Careers Taster Day at The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls organised in partnership with Education Business Services International. This event was an excellent chance to showcase the opportunities in the STEM sector (Science Technology Engineering Maths) and provide the students with an insight into different career options. This initiative is particularly pertinent to encourage more young women to pursue STEM in a field where they remain under-represented.

Jennifer Gomez Molina, Project Manager at VerdErg, gave a talk on her career path from school into renewable energy and presented experiences of working in this exciting industry. This was followed by an interactive discussion on the importance of renewable energy and a presentation of different types of hydropower including VerdErg’s VETT technology. A project update was also given on VerdErg’s Energy Catalyst Early Stage technical feasibility study and the latest research and design solutions on bi-directional VETT for tidal applications were showcased. The students particularly enjoyed presenting their ideas on the advantages of renewable energy, performing site location analysis using admiralty charts from tidal areas in the UK and doing the quiz on hydropower resources and projects around the world.

This workshop opportunity was facilitated by the STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) Ambassadors programme which enables young people to learn about and apply real world applications from professionals in the industry.

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