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VerdErg launches new low-cost micro hydropower product

VerdErg Renewable Energy launches the concept development of VETT-in-a-Box, a new ‘plug & play’ micro hydropower system for generating cost-efficient and eco-friendly electricity from small rivers, wastewater outflows, lock gates or canals with only two metres head drop. Patents have been filed in all key regions and the product will be available worldwide via VerdErg Renewable Energy.

VETT-in-a-Box brings electricity to the most remote, off-grid locations worldwide and has the potential to replace hundreds of diesel-powered generators. It is an entire mini hydropower system in a transportable arrangement and offers customers quick installation and ease of use. It can be installed directly into the water course or adjacent to it for flow rates of 500-2,000 l/s at low heads of up to 4 metres. The assembly includes a power cabinet for direct electricity consumption, connection to a local mini grid or grid connection.

VETT-in-a-Box has a compact and easily-transportable design for ultra low head sites

“VETT-in-a-Box delivers power for essential electricity needs, such as in developing countries, providing the foundation for economic growth and basic healthcare. It produces clean, decentralised, predictable energy with high load factors from water at no environmental cost and is a prime example of innovation excellence” said Lars Boerner, Managing Director of VerdErg Renewable Energy.

VETT-in-a-Box addresses current industry and community needs by offering the following main benefits:

  • Access to ultra low-head sites through use of VerdErg’s patented venturi technology

  • Reduced manufacturing cost through use of standardised, off-the-shelf components, meaning VETT-in-a-Box can be mass produced

  • Reduced installation cost as the system is housed within an easily portable container avoiding expensive excavation

  • Improved flexibility with temporary setup capability, making it a practical solution for supplying electricity for disaster relief responses

  • Fish safe with proven zero fish mortality verified in live fish trials verified by the Environmental Agency (England).

VETT-in-a-Box is part of the wider Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) product family developed and patented by VerdErg Renewable Energy, which extends to larger run-of-river and tidal applications. “VETT is unique because it uses venturi principles to act as a pressure amplification system to change operating conditions, meaning turbines designed for higher head and lower flow projects can be used in these low-head hydropower settings when integrated into a VETT system. This dramatically reduces project costs and makes 11 GW of untapped low-head hydropower capacity accessible worldwide” said Boerner. Fish-friendly and sustainable VETT technology is approved by the Environmental Agency (England) and allows the realisation of projects with zero noise or visual pollution. The entire system can be submerged out of view without a turbine house.

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