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VerdErg Eyes Move into Tidal Sector

VerdErg Renewable Energy is setting up its VETT technology for a move into the tidal energy sector following the approval by the UK’s Environment Agency for run-of-river hydropower schemes.

The approval to use Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) follows the conclusion of two fish trials in the UK and the Netherlands to prove and validate the safe passage of fish through VETT. The UK-based turbine technology developer said that several VETT projects have already been lined up and pursued in parallel to the general technological approval process which should ease the way to the first VETT installations.

VerdErg said it will now focus on pursuing commercial projects, deploying VETT in run-of-rivers schemes across the country and setting up the technology for its move into the tidal sector.

A single tidal VETT crossing has the ability to generate 250-1000MW of power, depending on the crossing conditions, allowing the tide to pass through the device with minor attenuation of the tidal range which minimises the environmental impact on the upstream or downstream ecosystems, VerdErg said.

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