Harnessing affordable clean energy from low head hydropower with fish-friendly VETT Technology
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VETT hydropower technology provides affordable clean energy for domestic, community or commercial consumers who want to reduce their electricity bill without harming the environment. Whether powering decentralised mini-grids or exporting to the national grid, fish-friendly VETT technology is ideal for micro, mini and tidal range projects. 

What is VETT technology?

VETT stands for Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology. Its patented design uses venturi principles to achieve a pressure amplification for a conventional axial flow turbine. ​This allows compact, high speed, no gearbox turbines to be used in ultra low head hydro settings of 4 metres or less, decreasing project costs significantly.

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Designed for installation in 1-4 metres head, the compact VETT offers 45% less investment cost, shorter payback periods and improved project returns – typically 40% improved.


Whether you are at the early stages of a project or have already done some substantial work on your project, VerdErg provides a range of services to help you realise your or your client's low head hydropower ambitions.

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What does 'low head hydropower' mean?

The use of terminology is not always consistent across the hydropower industry. ‘Low head’ can refer to heights of 10 metres or heights of 3 metres, depending on the technology offered by different companies.


At VerdErg, ‘low head hydropower’ means head drops of 4 metres or less. This is because our compact technology is able to generate cost effective power from such ultra low sites.

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